What is the mission of First Tee?

Our mission is to impact the lives of young people in the Central Arkansas area by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

Registration Questions

What are the age groups for classes?

The age groups are:

  • Age 7
  • Age 8-9
  • Age 10-11
  • Age 12-13
  • Age 14+

Some locations or classes may combine age groups.

What if my child ages up during the middle of a session?
  • The age a participant is on the first day of any session will dictate what class they sign-up for.
  • If a child has a birthday in the middle of a session that moves them up, they will remain in the current class until the next session.  For example, a child turning 10 in the middle of a session, will remain in the 8-9 year old class.
Will there be an exception for siblings of different ages to be in the same group for convenience purposes if they are at the same skill level?
  • No, we will adhere to the age of participants.  Accommodations will not be made for siblings.
  • The curriculum is designed for the specific age groups, kids staying in their age group will ensure that kids are getting a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.
How old must my child be to register for classes?
  • Participants must be five (5) years old to seventeen (17) years old before registering for a class.  Children who are four (4) years old can be registered if they turn 5 before the first day of class. The age of the child ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE SESSION dictates what Age Level they can register for.
Does it matter where I live to enroll my child in classes?
  • There are no residency requirements.
Does my child need prior golf experience?
  • There is no prior golf experience needed. Our coaches are trained in positive youth development. That means they are experts in making young people feel comfortable and assure they have a positive, non-intimidating experience.
My child has a lot of experience with golf and taking lessons. May I register him/her for an advanced age class?
  • The First Tee is an age-based program. Our primary focus is life skills, we feel it is important to keep participants at their age level because the curriculum is specifically designed to be age-appropriate.
Is equipment provided or does my child need to bring clubs?
  • Equipment is provided at all locations. Children may bring their own clubs. We are not responsible for missing items. Ensure your child gives borrowed clubs back to their coach before leaving the course. And, ensure all personal clubs are in their bags before leaving class.
When are classes held?
  • Classes are offered three (3) times per year: Spring (February to May); Summer (mid-June to mid-August) and Fall (mid-September to early-November).
  • Programming class time duration and length of weeks may vary from session to session. To see our current schedule, please visit our schedule page.
When is registration held for each session?
  • Registration is usually held 30-40 days prior to the start of each session (i.e. early January for Spring session that starts in April). Classes fill quickly so please pay attention to emails and our website when to register.
Where are classes held?
  • Classes are held at several golf facilities throughout the Central Area. To find a location near you, please visit our programming locations page.
Can I register for more than one class during a given session?
  • No
  • With limited number of coaches/volunteers and limited capacity in each session, parents may only register for one (1) class per session. This ensures
    that we can get as many participants in our program as possible without leaving anyone out.
What happens if my child ends up on a waitlist?
  • If a class is full, sign up for the waitlist (if available).
  • If/when a vacancy occurs, you will receive a system generated email with registration instructions. You will have 48 hours in which to register for the vacancy. If you do not register within that period, the automatic message will revert to the next participant on the waitlist until the class capacity has been achieved. If you do register for the class, complete registration and submit for payment.  Your child will appear on our roster as registered.
  • If the waitlist is full, a parent can not try to get into that class any longer.
What is the cost?
  • No child is ever turned away due to an inability to pay. Financial aid is always available! Apply during registration.
  • Price varies per class or camp. To see class prices, please visit our schedule page.

Class Questions

When should I arrive to class?
  • We ask that all parents arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time. This will allow all participants to receive any information from our coaches, staff or volunteers, sign-in and retrieve their name tags.  Ensure your child uses the restroom or comfort station prior to class time. If your child is late for class, we ask parents to walk their child to the class location and sign-in and pick up their name tag. After class, promptly pick up your child at the check-in area.
What should I bring to class?
  • Everyone needs to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. During the summer months, wear a hat and bring a sweat towel to keep dry. If you have golf clubs, bring them but if you don’t, clubs will be provided at the programming locations.
What should my child wear?
What happens if my child is absent from class? Will my child be offered a make-up class?
  • If your child is absent from class, we do not offer a make-up class. We reiterate our curriculum each session so that participants will receive instructions they may have missed.
What is the class duration?
  • Class time will vary from 30 minutes – 1 hour long, depending on the location, age group and session time frame (Spring, Summer or Fall).
What happens during a class?
  • Classes are conducted by First Tee trained coaches and volunteers. Classes are led through a variety of golf skills on the course including putting, pitching, chipping and full-swing while the First Tee Life-Skills Experience is seamlessly included in the our curriculum.
Are parents allowed to stay and watch the participants during class?
  • Yes, parents are more than welcome to watch your child during class, but we ask that you do it from a reasonable distance (30 feet) and to refrain from interacting with your child or the class. Every facility is different so please ask your child’s coach where the best place to watch the class is if you so choose.
What is a Membership Card and when do I receive this card?
  • A Membership Card is for active members of the First Tee – Central Arkansas that allows active participants access to First Tee facilities outside of regular programming. These privileges are subject to change and may be revoked at any time.
  • Membership Cards will be given out at the beginning of each session to those who registered.
When does the Membership Card expire?
  • The Membership Card expires at the end of the session or calendar year if you received an annual membership.
What is your Inclement Weather Policy?
  • We will try to notify families 2 hours prior to the start of class if the class will be cancelled.  Please make sure to check your email and text messages.
  • Please do not attempt to attend classes during extreme weather conditions.
  • In the event of on-site cancellation, coaches must remain at the facility with participants until the participant’s parent, guardian, or approved pick up person arrives.
  • If no cancelation is announced, class is still meeting as scheduled. We will make adjustments to activities to work around mildly inclement weather such as light rain or wind.
What is the Refund and Transfer Policy?
  • Requests to transfer session locations are subject to availability. There is no fee for transferring your dates of registration. You must submit your transfer
    request at least 5 days in advance of your originally scheduled program.